Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) is a piece of highly sophisticated software, often called a chatbot or bot, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), that processes and performs automated tasks and can have a conversation with humans. Specifically, the technology allows employees to configure computer software to capture and interpret existing applications to process a task, manipulating data, triggering responses, updating applications and communicating with other enterprise systems.

The emergence of RPA is predominantly driven by consumer use of domestic bots to order items and request information, but it is gaining momentum in the enterprise sector, as the technology enables faster and more on demand access to process tasks and meet consumer demands

RPA integrates with enterprise assets, which contain confidential customer and corporate data that needs to be secure and equally fast to access across enterprise applications and systems.

Why is RPA emerging?

The opportunity to integrate RPA’s into existing enterprise assets is wide and there are many areas that the technology can be applied to streamline tasks, such as within IT infrastructure, supporting knowledge centers, call center efficiency, warehouse and manufacturing processing, and field worker data access.

Some of the enterprise areas where RPA is increasingly being adopted includes:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
    • RPA automates access to information, so when enterprises are processing information that is frequently asked by customers, such as at a call center, RPA can process these requests faster than a human and greatly reduce the number of call center staff and operational costs. This also benefits the customer by reducing call waiting times and enhancing access to the information they need, which are important factors to help improve customer satisfaction ratings via Net Promoter Score.
  • Enhance Access to Corporate Information and Assets
    • Most enterprises today are shifting their internal platforms from traditional interfaces to integrate digital tools that the younger generation of employees are more accustomed to, such as chatbots and Instant Messenger. RPA helps all users with a new and quick approach to access data across the entire enterprise system by verbally asking for information or interacting with mobile apps without interrupting the business flow.

Data is increasingly a critical part of businesses and consumers’ lives; thus, it’s essential to protect it without hindering the ability to actually use it. At BOHH, our focus is on empowering enterprises to securely deploy innovative enterprise applications, such as RPA, to enhance and streamline access to data without opening them up to massive, widespread and malicious security threats.

Why Deploy RPA with BOHH Labs?

BOHH Labs is a San Francisco startup built on making data security a priority by taking the approach to weave the access to data with security from the start. What makes our approach unique is that we ensure a secure transport of data between all users, applications and the end database services by validating access at each stage of the journey. Our security application gateway solution provides three levels of separation from the request and requestor, which removes direct access to the backend system, ensuring only authorized users get access to enterprise data or applications.

BOHH Labs’ Architecture



Separates request from originator

Terminates connection


Threat analysis learning

Shuffle payload, random blocks

Containerized in-memory work flow


Natural Language Processing (NLP) recognizes and acts on user request

Broker transaction with networked assets obscured from view

Containerized in-memory work flow

How Does BOHH’s Secure RPA Work?

The BOHH RPA is part of a secure gateway that prevents an intruder from accessing unauthorized information by ensuring each data request is validated at all points of vulnerability: the request, processing and backend data stores.

A request comes in and the secure gateway isolates the request from the requestor, terminating the original connection. The isolated request is encrypted and digitally signed and then sent to the processing phase. Using a secure, sealed memory container to open a one-time use dynamically allocated port to accept the encrypted request, it undergoes threat analysis checks using AI to ensure it is not an attack and is re-encrypted and re-digitally signed once approved before passed on to the connector stage. The Connector stage then opens another dynamically allocated port, reads the request and determines where the request needs to go using NLP to retrieve the requested information from the backend data stores.

How Easy is the RPA to Use?

Our RPA works on any web browser, so it can easily integrate and be deployed on any existing websites and applications.

BOHH uses a unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that works like most human brains work. When a request comes in, it determines if it is a command or question, then it does entity recognition, looks and finds the answer from the correct database(s), performs any additional processing math, and then formats the response and passes it back. Our NLP initiates parallel searches across enterprise data stores (databases, email, MS SharePoint etc.) and applications during the process to ensure the response delivers back the right information. This enables BOHH to quickly and easily convert requests into real-world conversations for simple access to complex data, no matter where it is stored.

How Quickly can RPA be Deployed?

BOHH’s NLP approach interprets each spoken word, which eliminates the need to build a search dictionary with predetermined questions (like all other chatbots), which significantly speeds up deployment timelines to days not weeks.

Is the Solution Scalable?

The BOHH solution is adaptable to any industry or use case and is designed to be performed for enterprise volumes and can be scaled linearly.

About BOHH Labs

We are a San Francisco-based startup that delivers unmatched security for all user access, applications, and data. Our Secure Application Gateway enables simple access to complex data securely without compromising business performance, speed, or customer accessibility. Built on a patented security IP of unique keyless encryption, Artificial Intelligence technology, Natural Language Processing, and In-Memory Distributed Blockchain Ledger, we empower organizations to securely accelerate innovative enterprise applications and cloud services, while preventing intrusion to the enterprise system.

To learn more on how BOHH could help you meet your RPA and data security and access needs, reach out to