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The incidents of cybercrime continue to rise every day at alarming rates. The sheer number of methods deployed to carry out attacks, their complex nature, their sophistication and evolving character have made it difficult for institutions to stay protected and keep company and customer data safe, especially on mobile and digital channels. The growth in mobile threats is being driven by a global uptick in mobile demand and commerce by consumers. The more that mobile becomes the primary access channel for commerce and financial services, the more money will be transacted through mobile channels. Unfortunately, and predictably, that draws more attention from bad actors. Much like the influx of attacks when desktop-based Internet commerce was introduced in the 1990s, with mobile becoming the popular and new delivery channel being used by a significant number of users, the criminals are following. Learn more about the state of the security industry and BOHH’s solution brief to the problems.

BOHH's Security Solutions

BOHH Security Appliance

Automatically invalidate the data when accessed by unauthorized users. BOHH offers a unique, multifaceted solution to immunize networks from security threats without compromising perfomance, speed or accessibility of data flow.
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Secure BOHH(T) bot

The Secure BOHH(T) Bot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice and messaging interface that delivers seamless and secure transaction of all incoming and outgoing customer data requests in real-time without compromising performance, customer experience or customer accessibility. Built on BOHH’s patented security IP with multi- layered authentication, the Secure BOHH(T) Bot provides a safe and secure method for supporting digital services for the connected customer.
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BOHH Security in the cloud

Our multifaceted security solution secures Cloud (public and private) networks from external and internal security flaws and threats. BOHH is a software and infrastructure agnostic appliance that is easily deployed on top of existing infrastructure systems to securely transport data across all cloud services.
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SearchYourCloud federated search

SearchYourCloud Federated Search integrates its search tool directly into Office 365, enabling users to perform searches across multiple databases, cloud stores, desktop and mobile applications without breaking from the Office 365 interface. This offers users results specific to their needs with a 360-view of all critical information inside their workflows.
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