the BOHH security appliance

BOHH Labs is ushering in a new era of cybersecurity by immunizing networks from brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle hacks, and quantum decryption.

The Appliance

As a software and infrastructure agnostic appliance, BOHH is easily deployed on top of existing infrastructure systems to securely transport all data with zero compromise to performance, speed, or customer accessibility.

BOHH autonomously reacts to internal and external threats in real-time and stores no data, ensuring all incoming and outgoing messages are transacted securely by leveraging our AI engine to manage ports, maintain a secure connection, and interact with user requests.
We protect data from content misuse and sophisticated attacks with multilayer security between users and the database that reveals no infrastructure details to an attacker as to location of firewall, keystore, database, or other assets.
The BOHH appliance encrypts each data packet using a dynamic transient key known only by the user client, and for a fractional second in memory, by the BOHH appliance. Connections to backend assets are temporal, neither accessible from the client nor middleware server, and connections are destroyed after each transaction. This renders partial data useless to any intercepting party and terminates their network connection in real-time.

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