About BOHH Labs

Redefining how Secure Bot and IoT Messaging Work

BOHH Labs is a San Francisco based security startup providing real-time, keyless encryption to secure data transport from IoT systems and Bots to-the-enterprise-and-back. Our agnostic security platform sits on top of your current backend infrastructure, and is designed to stop intrusion into your systems, ensuring all incoming and outgoing messages are validated and data is transacted securely. Each data message is validated before being uniquely encrypted, and then runs through our Artificial Intelligence driven voice and messaging application that revalidates the messages and processes the transaction, enabling organizations to securely interact with both human-oriented chat Bots, and IoT-based, voice-activated Bots, as well as Machine to Machine (M2M) IoT transactional systems. BOHH empowers organizations to securely utilize the capabilities of Bot, IoT, and M2M systems. We work securely across multiple databases and repositories using voice and text commands to find information in real-time for more seamless business workflows.

Our Technology

The BOHH Bot is built on BOHH’s patented security platform using IP of unique keyless encryption, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our three, separate, but inter-connected, services are the foundation that ensure all incoming and outgoing messages are transacted securely. Without altering the source data, our encryption algorithms automatically invalidate data when accessed by unauthorized users, thereby rendering it useless to the unauthorized party. Our AI and NLP engines manage the data transaction process – the AI engine looks at and cleans any unwanted traffic, while the NLP engine takes the incoming message and determines where it should be sent – meaning the user can use plain text with no command languages. BOHH's approach ensures that the data request is validated before gaining authorized access to a backend system or application.

Founding Team

We are a world-class technology team with a distinctive track record in enterprise software, enterprise search, data security, and customer services solutions, dedicated to changing the conversation on how organizations and customers securely interact with chat bots and IoT systems.

Simon Bain

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Simon is a recognized leader in the IT industry for over 20 years. He is best known for developing innovative security and search applications. He has been instrumental in leading national and global strategic initiatives including for the UK Government Election Pilots, Anite Public Services Police National Computer (PNC), and Swift Banking Platform for Co-Operative Bank. Simon has been a core technologist in the world’s largest incubator with multiple exits to Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Sun (1997 – 2001). He holds four patents with six pending on search and security.

Ken Hawkins

Chief Technology Officer

Ken brings a deep history of Internet entrepreneurialism and experience holding technology leadership positions at top global technology companies. Ken previously served as CTO of Payz and director of technology of Broadjam.com, as well as held leadership positions at Amazon, where he tied in AOL's shopping experience with amazon.com processes and delivery systems. Ken also served as the chief architect of InstantService, the first interactive customer service portal on the Internet, which subsequently became Oracle's Live Agent.

Meghan O`Leary

Chief Marketing Officer

Meghan is a marketing strategist and writer with a strong background working with technology startups in the Silicon Valley. As a founder of Addwater, digital integrated marketing for venture firms and tech startups, Meghan specializes in branding and identity, web content development, marketing programs and collateral, as well as assessing the marketing needs and developing accelerated solutions for technology companies.

Ted West

Executive Chair, Director

Ted has over 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, venture acceleration partner and advisor, and board director in the Internet and cloud industry. From start-ups to exits over 25 years, Ted has led tech companies in strategic growth, organizational development, venture fundraising and team building across digital media, e-commerce, and software-as-a-service segments.